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Full Day Tours

Whether you want to go to the incredible Turneffe Atoll or dive the infamous Blue Hole, our full day tours will get you diving on some of the most beautiful reefs in the world!

All full day tours include:

  • Gear Hire (BCD, Regs, Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, Weights, and Dive Computer)

  • Park fees and Tax

  • Lunch

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Spanish Bay (Mini Wall Dive)

A full day comprising one dive at Spanish Bay, a surface interval snorkel and full Belizean-style lunch, followed by a second dive at Gallows Point. This is also an area we tend to see a lot of invasive lionfish; therefore, as encouraged by several local NGOs and the Belize FIsheries Department, we spear them to reduce their population on the reef and make a fresh ceviche from what we catch!

Dive Sites: Usually, Spanish Bay and Gallows Point; however, sites will change dependent on conditions.

Marine life: Spotted eagle rays, large schools of reef fish, moray eels, incredible coral colonies, and more.

No. of Dives: 2

Time: 7:45am-2pm

Experience Level: All levels with a dive certification

Price: 185 USD pp

Turneffe North

A full day inclusive of two dives at the world famous Turneffe Atoll, a traditional Belizean lunch and time to relax or snorkel during the surface interval.

Dive sites: Black Coral Wall, Elbow, and Sandy Lane (sites will be decided based on conditions)

Marine life: Turtles, spotted eagle rays, huge schools of creole wrasse, incredible coral colonies, spotted moray eels, green moray eels, and much, much more.

No. of Dives: 2 or 3

Time: 7:15am-3pm

Experience Level: All levels with a dive certification

Price: 200 USD pp (2 dives); 240 USD pp (3 dives)

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Turneffe Elbow

A full day comprising one dive at Turneffe Elbow, a surface interval snorkeling or relaxing on the boat, a second dive at Lefty’s Ledge, a full Belizean-style lunch, and then a final dive at Myrtle’s Wall. We tend to experience high current in this area so it is recommended for intermediate level divers. We meet at the dive shop, where we will have a light breakfast and coffee/tea available before going out.

Marine life: Spotted eagle rays, Caribbean Reef Sharks, large schools of reef fish, moray eels, incredible coral colonies, and more.

No. of Dives: 3

Time: 6:45am-3:30pm

Experience Level: Intermediate

Price: 280 USD pp

Blue Hole

A full day tour at the infamous Great Blue Hole. The first dive will be completed in the Blue Hole, followed by a surface interval as we cruise to the second dive site, Half Moon Caye Wall. We will then head over to Half Moon Caye for a Belizean-style lunch and where you will have the chance to explore the island and look out for some of the incredible migratory birds, including the Red-footed Boobie! The final dive is completed at The Aquarium on Long Caye Wall which is bustling with marine life.


Marine life: Turtles, reef sharks, stalactites and stalagmites, eagle rays, coral colonies, the occasional hammerhead.

Time: 5:30am-4pm

​​Depth: Advanced Open Water Divers - 130 ft/40 m; Open Water Divers - 100 ft/30 m

No. of dives: 3

Price: 380 USD pp

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