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Booking/Cancellation/Day of Dive

Please find below our policies for diving with us!


  • Bookings are only confirmed once a deposit of 50 BZD (25 USD) for tours and 200 BZD (100 USD) for courses has been made (via PayPal or another agreed service)

  • Reservations are first come first served based on the deposit, unless alternative arrangements are agreed to

  • Anyone booking a regular tour (fun dive) must hold a valid certification from a recognized organization

  • All equipment must be returned to the dive shop, and loss or damage of equipment due to negligence will result in a charge to cover the cost of replacing the equipment.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason


  • Cancellations must be made before 1 pm the day before the dive

  • Any cancellations made after this will not receive their deposit back unless a valid medical reason is provided

  • No shows will not receive their deposit back

Day of tour

  • Guests must arrive on time. Any guest arriving >20 min late without a valid reason or without letting us know will be deemed a no show

  • A liability release form must be signed before the tour begins. Guests will only be taken once this has been signed

  • A discount/refund will not be given if you decide not to complete all dives on the trip unless agreed beforehand

During the dive

  • Please be respectful of the ocean and marine life

  • We reserve the right to cancel a dive if we think you are acting unsafely (constantly going deeper than instructed, touching the marine life, etc.)

  • Please respect all other divers in the group. We take people of all abilities and we may have to take a couple of extra minutes descending with newer divers. Where possible, we will split groups up by ability/experience 

  • Please listen to the Divemaster at all times

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